Dee’s Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Lincoln Park Chicago

Dee’s Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
Lincoln Park Chicago

1114 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-1500

Sorry, still no battery for my camera so just another text entry today. For the wedding rehearsal dinner last weekend we all went out to Dee’s Mandarin Chinese Restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. According to City Search, Dee’s Restaurant has a great rating. My friend James’s family treated us all to a Chinese banquet style dinner at Dee’s. Actually I wasn’t really sure what type of food it was until we arrived and I saw some Asian furnishings like teak wood tables, bamboo plants, and a sushi bar across from the bar. I first thought it was a Japanese restaurant and was thinking that’s cool I could use some Sushi as well but then I heard some of the waiter staff speaking Chinese. We were seated in the large banquet room in the back which is adjacent to the garden. (The garden is a sweet spot by the way for any romantic rendezvous).

Started off with some sushi rolls which were really good. A mixture of vegetarian rolls and eel/Caterpillar like rolls. Then there was a long pause for about 10 minutes and then the onslaught of dishes arrived. It was pretty amazing how they served so much food in so short of a time. We had Yu Xiang Rou Si (but with beef instead of pork), garlic Bok Choy, gong bao ji ding (kung pao chicken), shrimp with XO sauce, vegetable to-fu dish, and 2 or 3 other dishes that I didn’t partake cause I was way too full. The food was pretty good – a little on the sweet side. I guess they have to alter the sugar and MSG level here at Dee’s to cater to the clientele. ( I went out to the bar for a drink and noticed that 98% of the restaurant was non-asian. The 2% were the ones working there. It’s more American style Chinese food than what I am used to in Chinatown or out in Beijing. The MSG was a little intense though so if you are sensitive to that, ask them before they prepare your food.) But overall I enjoyed the meal and we finished off with some delicious mochi in assorted flavors (tea, chocolate, red bean and vanilla).

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