Danielle Tarantino – Mint Chocolate Brownies and Deviled Eggs

It was BOL BBQ day at Sabrina’s and Danielle Tarantino made up some very tasty deviled eggs and mint chocolate brownies. In case you don’t know, Deviled Eggs are hardboiled eggs, cut in half and stuffed with a mixture of mayonaise, lime juice, salt/pepper, mustard, egg yolk, and paprika. These were pretty much devoured within minutes:

deviled eggs by danielle tarantino

The mint brownies were pretty much served right out of the cake pan into waiting hands bypassing any need for forks, napkins, plates. I saved one on a plate for this photo op. They were delicious. I like the mint aftertaste – not too strong and gives the rich chocolate a nice kick.
mint brownies by Danielle Tarantino

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