Dale and Thomas Popcorn

dale and thomas popcorn

Dale and Thomas Popcorn

(212) 581-1872
(800) 679-6677
1592 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Are you crazy about popcorn? Sometimes you don’t need to watch a movie to enjoy popcorn. Instead you can check out the Dale and Thomas Popcorn franchise store on the Upper West Side that exclusively sells all sorts of specialty popcorn made fresh daily. Yes I did say this was a franchise – I’ve never seen one before but apparently the founder is from Popcorn, Indiana and one of the co-founders is Isiah Thomas. They sell a variety of fresh popcorn including Dale’s Caramel, the Hall of Fame Kettlecorn (mixture of salted and sugared popcorn), North County Cheddar, Backyard Barbeque, Chocolate Chunk n’ Crunch, and pure plain popcorn. They also have daily “Drizzlecorn” special flavors such as Toffee Crunch and Peanut butter with white chocolate. It’s kind of like the Ben and Jerry’s of Popcorn if you think about it. All popcorn is popped on the premises and then batched into each type of flavor. We got a regular bag of Kettlecorn for $3.50 . The kettlecorn is a special blend of salted and sugared popcorn. I know it sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty delicious and addicting.

dale and thomas popcorn

I also tried the peanut butter with white chocolate but that was a little too sweet for me. The popcorn is always fresh and crunchy and never stale, although if you enjoy your popcorn warm like in the movie theaters, you’ll have to wait around till the next fresh batch of popcorn comes out. (Like you would at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts). All in all, the popcorn from the store is a great snack and can be enjoyed anytime and the popcorn gift baskets are great for the holidays.

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  • I love popcorn!! My favorite version is simply popped on the stove with oil and then seasoned with salt and nutritional yeast flakes. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. I’ll have to check this place out. The Toffee Crunch sounds yummy.

  • I was New York City last week,I stumbled across Dale and Thomas popcorn, and fell in love with the peanutbutter and chocolate popcorn. It was sweet, tasty and just a decadent inexpensive treat.
    I want more, where is a Dale and Thomas in the San Francisco Bay Area? If none exist, I will consider franchise!

  • Actually the Dale in Dale and Thomas is not the founder. In fact he is a farmer from Popcorn, and also my grandpa. I think you guys need to read a little more into your stuff.

  • We’re popcorn addicts and we were really disappointed when we tried this. Didn’t compare to Oogie’s, which seems to be the gourmet popcorn standard these days. Even the Lesserevil we had was more impressive than Dale and Thomas. Very disappointing.

  • I think if Dale and Thomas spent half as much time actually making better popcoprn than trying to market themselves as the new Garretts for malls, it would be better. I tried the caramel and it was awful.

  • I placed an order for 23 3.5 gallon tins in October 2007 to be shipped on Dec 3, 2007 for my company office Holiday presents. As of December 21th 2007, they have not been shipped and they have no record of my over $1000 payment. This company has absolutely the worst customer service and business practice of any company I have ever heard of. They have told me numerous times they were overnighting the orders, however they neglected to do this as well. I hope this information saves other people time.

  • I also am from Popcorn, Indiana and knew Dale well. The saying was that it gets so hot in the summertime that the corn in the fields popped it’s self.

  • I agree with Dave, if they spent more time making better popcorn than marketing they would still be terrible. Their popcorn is absolute garbage. The best I have ever had is from kettle corn nyc, they make incredible, authentic kettle corn. They have great flavors as well.

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