Cup and Saucer Diner Cheesburger

Cup and Saucer Diner

Corner of Elderidge and Canal

Kind of felt like a cheeseburger and walking around the lower east side / Chinatown, stumbled upon the Cup and Saucer Diner. It’s a tiny little diner that has some character with it’s long formica contertop and friendly waitstaff. As most diners in New York, the menu is as thick as the Sunday New York Times. They make it a little easy here with their picture menus on the wall and on the front and back pages of the menu. I decided to go the non-deluxe cheeseburger route, which if you are not from New York it means you don’t get fries, lettuce, and tomato. Why no lettuce and tomato? I don’t know, I mean how much does a slice of iceberg or romaine lettuce and tomato cost? Weird but that’s just how it is out here.

The cheesburger is served on a buttered toasted sesame bun with cheddar cheese, side of cole slaw and a pickle slice. It totally hit the spot. The beef itself is not your Prime Burger quality, but in a pinch for $3.50 it’s way better than the golden arches or the king.

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