Cubano Sandwich – La Rosita Restaurant

la rosita cubano sandwich ny

La Rosita Restaurant
Cubano Sandwich

2809 Broadway @ 108th
NY, NY 10025
212 663 7804

Over the summer I spent a lot of time in Spanish Harlem and got to know a lot of great Latin sandwich shops and restaurants. Today as I was walking down Broadway, La Rosita Restaurant literally came calling out to me. The soft pink neon light from its signage piercing through the ventilation shafts above the dirty glass window that glows in front of a cook thats manning the huge sandwich grill in one hand and talking with her hand to the seated customers at the bar. In large letters it says “Cubano Sandwich” – say no more, I was already inside ordering mine. But while waiting for her to prepare my sandwich I took a look at the menu and discovered some real deal especiales such as Carne Guisada (Beef Stew), Bistec De Higado (Liver Steak), and soups such as Asopao De Camarones y Langosta (Heavy Shrimp and Lobster Soup). They also have daily specials for lunch – on Monday’s it’s Rabo (Oxtail) and on weekends they serve Pernil con arroz moro y yuca (Roast pork with mixed rice, black beans and casaba. There’s also a whole spread of traditional breakfast specials. I also noticed the bar in the back room where they serve $4 Negro Modellos during happy hour 4-7PM M-F.

Cubano Sandwich - La RositaWhen I got my Cuban Sandwich back home, I took a deeper look . Here they use a traditional roll and layer the mayo, cheese, ham and turkey. For some reason however, I didn’t see any pickles. I think that made all the difference too – cause it just didn’t taste the same as the Cuban Sandwiches I am used to at Sandwich City . Overall though the sandwich was still great and filled me up. I guess the sign did the trick anyhow – since it 1) got me into the door and 2) makes me want to go back to try the other specials on the menu.

p.s. Looks like from one of the readers – this place ain’t no Cuban joint – it’s more Puerto Rican.

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  • I’m trying to locate a restaurant that serves Pupusas (from El Salvador) and located in NY, NY. Anybody knows of one? My 9yr old daughter tried them while in vacation in San Jose/CA and she’s made it my mission to find a restaurant around here so she can eat them again.

  • Dude, thanks for the comment. I think it’s called Noah’s Bagel or something on Shattuck itself. Strada on Bancroft? Hmmmm……I haven’t tried that one before, maybe I did, but can’t remember – not to good at names. Btw…….I didn’t know you are a Cal grad. Nice site you have here. Good selections on your Malaysian food choice. I heard New York is the best place in the US for Malaysian food – more authentic as to say. Next time try Nasi Lemak or Assam Laksa or Curry Mee/ Laksa or Prawn Noodle and the list goes on, hehe, if you don’t mind spicy food…….

  • an even better sandwich than the cuban is the “medianoche”. slightly different from the cuban in that the bread is sweet like that of a portuguese muffin. and no pickles. the best medianoches in the neighborhood were from the old la casita restaurant, which had been on 106th/broadway forever until about 2 years ago. now it’s a kfc/pizza hut. it was really sad to see them being kicked out. and i also think it was definitely cuban. i’ll give la rosita a try…

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