Best Cuban Sandwich – Sandwich City Spanish Harlem New York

cuban sandwich - sandwich city spanish harlem

Best Cuban Sandwich – Sandwich City Spanish Harlem

1773 Lexington Ave
(212) 722-9533
New York, NY 10029
In New York, there’s plenty of places to get great Cuban Sandwiches. There’s this hole in the wall authentic Cuban restaurant called Cibao on Clinton St in the Lower East Side that my friend Tizoc introduced to me. For me that was the best place to get Cuban Sandwiches but recently I discovered a place up in Spanish Harlem that I feel has contender qualities. Although it is kind of a hike to go up to Spanish Harlem, Sandwich City is located no more than 30 feet away from the 110th Street #6 line subway stop so you really can’t complain.

Yes, they’re called Sandwich City for a reason – they carry just about all kinds of sandwiches besides Cuban Sandwiches as well as some great Latin food favorites like Fried Plantains, Pollo y Arroz, Black Beans, etc.
best cuban sandwich - sandwich city new york

Cuban Sandwiches are basically made of roasted Ham and Pork (carnitas) with some pickles, mayo, onions and cheese pressed into a hero bun.
best cuban sandwich - sandwich city new york

At Sandwich City they also provide a sesame toasted roll which in my opinion makes the difference for a great Cuban Sandwich:
best cuban sandwich new york - sandwich city

Check it out yo! Uptown in Spanish Harlem – Sandwich City

3 thoughts on “Best Cuban Sandwich – Sandwich City Spanish Harlem New York”

  • roast pork is called “carnitas” when you’re in a mexican restaurant only. also, when you start using a sesame roll for your cuban sandwich, you stop having a cuban sandwich. cuban sandwiches are served on cuban bread.

    its also called “arroz con pollo,” no “pollo y arroz.”

    last thing, if there’s asopao or mofongo or pernil on the menu, the place stops being cuban and what you’re holding in your hand should be called a “puerto rican sandwich.”

  • We have a sandwich shop here in Bethlehem PA that makes what they call a cuban sandwich but I definitely couldn’t eat it since it wasn’t traditional. They put lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup on it. What are they thinking !!! They also used american cheese. When I saw the ketchup it did me in. My husband is from Brooklyn and born in Ponce, PR so we are used to the traditional things.

  • Try the cuban at Casa Mon Amour, 162 Franklin Street, Greenpoint. It is traditional Pernil, Ham, Swiss cheese, Pickle and Mayonaise in a French style baguette. It is huge, delicious and cant beat the price at $5.50. They have a nice menu of Dominican classic, all worth the try.

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