Crumbs Cupcakes New York

Crumbs Cupcakes New York


1371 Third Avenue @78th Street
New York
(Multiple Locations :

Just a quick post for an awesome cupcake bakery in NY: Crumbs. We had our monthly birthday celebration at work last week and we had about 10 dozen Crumbs cupcakes set up for the office. So many creative varieties to choose from but my favorites were the blueberry (with real filling), Oreo Cupcake (with real oreo crumbs), red velvet (of course), classic strawberry buttercream, twinkie (just like the real deal), and key lime. Best to have a cup of coffee to help you wash down all the heavenly sweetness of these treats! Enjoy!

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  • I LOVE cupcakes from Crumbs. To me, they are way better than cupcakes from the other better known cupcakeries in NYC – just more moist and flavorful, and such great varieties like you mentioned. I was so happy when I found out one opened up here in LA shortly after we moved. Now I can get ’em here too! I’m gonna have to try the blueberry … sounds amazing.

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