Crooked Tree Creperie East Village – 93 Plates Food Blog Project

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village – 93 Plates Food Project

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

Crooked Tree.
110 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(212) 533-3299

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New YorkFuck Julie and Julia. Ok as a blogger and food lover I love Julia Child and the movie, but for those of you who don’t or can’t cook, try doing this challenge: food blogging a month of continuous meals three times a day. Today I am at the Crooked Tree in the East Village with Hagan Blount of Wandering Foodie on his 28th meal out of 93. (In Sept and August Hagan did 24 restaurants in 24 hours in Boston and DC).

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New YorkTo start the meal, Sim (co-owner and chef) prepared two savory crepes including a Green Tomato, Arugula, and Prosciutto and a Chicken, Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato crepe. I’ve tried different creperies in the city and most make them on the lighter side – here at the Crooked Tree the crepes have more bite, more dough, and chew. (Sim explains that this is a result of his own special batter formula for the crepes that took him months to perfect) This ‘heavier’ crepe goes great with the savory as well as the sweet crepes.

The Green Tomato Arugula comes topped with a poached egg – oozing warm yolk, always a great bonus. For sweet, we tried both the Nutella/Banana/Ice Cream and a flambee’ Chocolate/Strawberry/Grand Marnier crepes. I especially like the Chocolate/Strawberry/Grand Marnier – it’s a classic combination and they do it quite well. For something different and for those of you who can’t decide between savory and sweet like me, try the Chocolate, Almond and Bacon crepe.

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

As I cleaned off the last bit crepe on my plate, Hagan and I chatted with Sim about the Crooked Tree’s rich history. Like the East Village, the Crooked Tree has seen some major changes over its 11 year history. Just a block away from St Tompkins Square Park, the courtyard of the Crooked Tree in the 90s was once a shady drug dealer’s spot. Today, Sim says that the Crooked Tree has become a different hook up spot – its quiet and intimate interiors make it a popular cozy choice spot for dates. Sim flashes a smile as he adds that the Crooked Tree’s special house-made sangrias, salads and sweet crepes seem to also attract a lot of single women. Good to note people! (Not like the food isn’t already a good enough reason to go).

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

Next stop on the meal marathon is a food blogger’s meetup at Il Porto in Ft Greene Brooklyn. Honestly, I think just eating and blogging two places in one day is quite a challenge for me. Maybe someday I’ll be in a good condition for eating out at 93 places in a row or even cooking 524 Julia Child recipes in a year. In the meantime just being part of this project and meeting various NY food bloggers will be great inspiration and a great source for more great places to eat. And yes, I will be blogging it one plate at a time. Stay Tuned!

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