Corporate Food

Corporate Catering Food

Well haven’t posted for some time. Sorry folks my camera has a battery now but I think I cracked the screen somehow. So it’s back to writing these posts without photos. Also for the past week I’ve been quite busy at work. My company is launching a new product/service next week and we’re all working mad hours every day. What this translates into is a lot of junk food including cheap Chinese at Yips downstairs or becoming a vulture on leftover corporate catered food. One of my co-workers kind of got all of us thinking about how ultra corporate we’ve all become when she was making fun of the Yankees and how they made Randy Johnson and Jason Giambi shave and cut their hair. Haha. But the corporate food we get is also kind of a strange mix. There’s a lot of corporate meetings and conferences that go on throughout the week and people always order more than necessary so the left overs are placed on the kitchen table for everyone else to enjoy. In the late morning you can usually find bagels and muffins and occasionally someone orders the ‘boss’ breakfast of eggs, waffles, bacon, sausages and pancakes. It’s kind of a tricky game you have to play because the food will show up at random times throughout the day and if you’re too slow it’s all gone. You kind of form alliances with other groups on the floor to serve as your extended eye, ears and noses. When you see the waitstaff wheeling in carts of food into a conference room, you have to make a point of doing a frequent drive by to check if there’s any left overs. Last week my group kind of got caught eating the food a little early. They had a nice spread of steamed salmon, lemon chicken, mixed greens and rice in steaming trays. Along side was a bounty of cookies, muffins, brownies and a fruit plate. After awhile the food all tastes the same but occasionally you hit a goldmine like the one time we had these nifty boxed lunch / dinners from Guy & Gallard where I was able to munch down some spicy Chilean Sea Bass. mmm mm mm. Yeah the corporate food can be kind of bland and not very nutritious but hey when you’ve been working 10+ hour days, can’t complain about a free warm meal. Next week for our launch of our product we’re going to cater Cosi for breakfast for our group and if there’s any left overs I’ll be sure to place them over at the kitchen. To give back to where I ‘ve taken so many times.

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  • This is quite funny, Simon!
    Let me know about the new product/service, ok?
    Have to go now, it’s lunch time in San Diego…
    Hope all is well for you…

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