Congee Village Chinese Restaurant NY Bowery

congee village new york new location bowery street

Congee Village Chinese Restaurant

New Location at 98 Bowery

So Congee Village opened up a new location on Bowery St among all of the industrial restaurant supply stores. There’s also a trendy restaurant a few doors called Blvd. and the venue Crash Mansion. Anyhow we went in to check out the new Congee Village restaurant location and personally I think it’s a little over the top : It’s got a large plasma screen and a round clear glass “manhole” that you can view the flowing water from the waterfall on the right thai chicken feet wall. You can see the traditional white lucky Meneki neke cat, assorted lucky bamboo plants, etc. ha ha. We got one of the private booths that we ended up sharing the large table. The woodwork is nice on the interiors but overshadows the granite motifs on the wall and kind of gives the restaurant kind of a colder feeling. Going on to wards the food we ordered just 3 items : Thai Chicken Feet Dish, Chinese Broccoli, and a Steamed Bamboo plate of Chicken and Mushrooms. The Thai Chicken feet dish is just.steamed chicken and mushroom over rice want it sounds like – if you’re not familiar with Chinese Dim Sum this would probably gross you out and this version is essentially a spicier pickled version. It’s also served cold so it’s more of an appetizer dish. The bones have been removed so you just get the crunch of the skin. The Chinese Broccoli was OK but for some reason they just served us the stalks and no leaves which was disappointing. Finally the steamed bamboo plate of chicken and mushrooms was a great dish but it was a little awkward dishing it out of the bamboo container (it wobbled and could roll off the stand). I think itchinese broccolli would have tasted better and would have been more convenient if it was just served in a traditional clay pot. The food overall was pretty good and the service was average. What really sparked our interest though was a couple sitting a few tables away. There was a gentleman and his lady friend eating rice and dumplings, but obviously the dude did not know how to use chopsticks. It was kind of disturbing watching him handle both chopsticks between his thumb and his forefinger and shoving the food into his mouth. (I really wish I took a photo or a video). What was even more entertaining was when the waiter offered the poor soul a fork, he refused and continued to stab and wrestle his food with the chopsticks! Kind of lost my appetite at this point and didn’t order any congee. Oh well

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  • I agree with AzianBrewer, after venturing to many of chinatown’s finest
    restaurants, i still find i can go back to congee village to have
    what chinatown offers the best and that is authentic chinese/cantonese
    cuisine. There is no other restaurant like congee village where
    service, decor, atmosphere and food is all in one place. A top choice for
    me and a restaurant I can always rely on to find great food.

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