Smoothies and Juice Bar @ Coffee Shop / Union Square

coffee shop juice bar union square

Fresh Smoothies and Juice Bar

Right outside of the Coffee Shop on Union Square is a makeshift fresh juice bar that serves fresh smoothies and fruit juices. This weekend the temperatures in NY went up to record highs along with the humidity – fresh juices and smoothies are a great way to cool down. You can get almost all the combinations with the most popular fruit juices and smoothies with combinations of orange juice, bananas, strawberries, mango juices, papaya juices, kiwi, etc. They also have a section on “sex drinks” – which includes natural ginseng, gingers and other herbs. ha ha . There’s also a load of other vitamins and protein shake combinations that can be added to your juices. making sugar cane juice - coffee shop juice bar union squareThe cool thing is you can also get fresh sugar cane juices at this juice stand. To make sugar can juice, you need a special machine that basically squeezes every drop out of the sugar can stalk. You see these sugar cane juice machines down all over Chinatown.
Coffee Shop, by the way is a great place to get breakfast and it’s open 24 hours. It’s kind of trendy so it can by hard to get a seat at times. I remember a few years back when it used to be a destination place to go for happy hour. As far as the juice bar goes though you can just walk up and get a glass without delay. This was one of the places to go before Jamba Juice arrived in town. But here at the juice bar the smoothies are most often made with fresh fruit – not frozen conentrates and they don’t load it up with a lot of sugar like Jamba Juice. The juice bar doesn’t offer watermellon smoothies however. For that I’ll just have to make it at home with my blender.

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  • I used to like The Coffee Shop a lot until I ordered my banana creme pie and it has weird taste of onion. Years later my friend who works in the food industry advise me that place is pretty dirty.

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