Claypot Rice Streetfood on Temple Street Hong Kong

temple street hong kong

Claypot Rice ( Bo Jia Fan ) Street food
Temple Street Kowloon Hong Kong

While strolling – actually more like shoving your way through crowded Temple Street in Hong Kong, you’ll easily spot the street vendors who set up makeshift tables and chairs right on the street. Some of the famous dishes from these street food vendors in this area include the Claypot Rice bowls ( Bo Jia Fan ) which are made to order, cooked over a stove, andclaypot rice bowl - temple street  HK brought over to your table still steaming hot. The hot sides of the claypot create a crispy coat of rice which you can scrape off and mix with your rice. Some of the ingredients that you can choose with your rice include eel, sparerib, chinese sausages (pork, duck), beef, chicken, mushroom, and more. Another famous dish is the deep fried oyster pancakes. deep fried oyster cakes temple street hong kong They dip the oysters in a egg batter then deep fry them and serve them with a soy sauce mixture. Sitting in the middle of the street with hundreds of people streaming by with the flashing neon lights is kind of blur to me as I was still getting over jet lag when we arrived in Hong Kong last December. I barely remember the details of this meal however I do remember it was very tasty.

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