Chocolate Egg Custard Tart – Hong Kong

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Chocolate Egg Custard Tart – Hong Kong

Ever had an Egg Custard Tart or “Dan Tat” in Cantonese? These are one of my favorites Chinese Desserts. It’s basically a puff pastry filled with a sweet egg custard. It can be served baked or steamed. You can get them fresh at Dim Sum parlours and here in Hong Kong you can find them at specialty pastry cafes. I ran across these Chocolate flavored egg custard tarts in Tsim Sha Tsui – admittedly my first time to have the chocolate variety. I have to say though, it wasn’t all that great at least this one that I ate. Dry, pasty and stale. Oh well.

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  • lol.. that totally defeats the idea of “egg” custard tarts!! the best part of the tart is the egg part!! though, i’d still like to give a try

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