Chinese New Years Dinner – Sweet and Tart Restaurant NY

Shark Fin Soup - Chinese New Years Dinner

Chinese New Year’s Dinner at Sweet and Tart Chinatown New York

Happy Chinese New Year’s!!!! Went back to Sweet and Tart on Mott for Chinese New Year’s dinner this year. Despite the tight space (they really pack them in during the holiday), we all got a lot to eat from the 12 course Chinese New Year’s dinner celebration. Some of the highlights from our dinner include (these dishes don’t sound so great in English): Jellyfish Coldplate Appetizer Garlic Fried Chicken (this was awesome) Stir Fry Lobster served over fresh turnip cakes Fat Choy, Oysters and Chinese greens Steamed Fish Shark Fin Soup (pictured above) and Red Bean Soup with black sesame mochi balls Some of the photos from the Chinese New Years dinner can be viewed here at my flickr site My favorites from the New Year’s dinner were the garlic fried chicken, the fish and lobster and the Red Bean Soup dessert. The chicken was steam cooked just under tender then rapidly broiled over high heat to produce an extremely crunchy crispy skin. The lobster was stir fried in a black bean sauce and served over fresh turnip cakes. I’m kind of allergic to lobster so I just tried a small bit but it was definitely worthwhile. Finally the red bean soup was a great finish – not too sweet, rich nor heavy. The mochi balls stuffed with black sesame paste were a bonus cause the sesame paste they make at Sweet and Tart is one of the best in town. Happy Chinese New Years!!

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