Chinese Food Cart Street Food

chinese street food cart

Chinese Food Cart Street Food

On Lafayette Near Bond St.

In NY, you can find street food vendors that sell everything from plain hot dogs, pretzels, falafel gyros, halal chicken and rice, even cream puffs. The other day I found a rather large street food vendor on Lafayette that was basically a Chinese restaurant on wheels – it had all types of rice dishes, stir fry noodles, and dim sum. Tonight the favorite seemed to be the BBQ skewers. chinese street food cartThe neon Chinese Food sign on the side of the cart with the stylish chopsticks poised above a bowl is really the kicker for me though. What would be extra nice is if he provided streetside seating like the Halal guy down the street on Houston. Anyhow, we just finished dinner so I was way too stuffed to try out the food from this vendor. Anyone ever try his food?

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  • Ooh sounds yummy!!! I love that kind of stuff but I usually only find the Chinese carts in Chinatown.

    BTW, I tried to comment on your prime burger post when I first found this site (a few days ago?) but I couldn’t find the comment link. Now that I have… 🙂

    I saw your comment on MidtownLunch’s site and wondered if you’d tried or wanted to try the Kobe beef burger from, you know, actual steakhouses. China Grill was so much… fluff. But anyway, it’s time to go home. Maybe I’ll elaborate more later.

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