Chikalicious Dessert Bar East Village New York

‘Delicious’ Chikalicious Deserts

203 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003
Well you know the East Village has become more than just a destination for bars and clubs when prominent dessert chef Chika Tillman and her husband opened Chikalicious , an intimate chic dessert bar. Chikalicious is a small 20 person dessert bar and features a prix fixe 3 course dessert ‘meal’ that includes an ‘amuse’ (small sampler plate like granita or gelato), a main dessert, and petite fours for about $12. The most spectacular thing about Chikalicious is the intimacy you have with the dessert chefs. At the bar at Chikalicious, you are only inches from the 2 chefs that prepare your desserts right before your eyes. By making the kitchen accessible to the view of the customer, dessert chefs have rightly claimed their space as ‘performance based food artists’ along with bartenders, cooks, and sushi chefs. But it’s not just all show – the desserts at Chickalicious are the real deal and are quite tasty. They also serve wine at Chikalicious, so it kicks up the sophistication level a few notches higher I suppose.
chikalicious dessert bar east village new york

Chika (French Culinary Institute) has worked at Gramercy Tavern, Dining Room/Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, and Seegers. Her training includes working with Guenter Seeger and Tom Colicchio.

We went to Chikalicious Sunday Night when it’s a little less crowded. There was also a typhoon / monsoon type rainstorm that night so it kind of dampened the chances of huge lines outside.

Check out this video clip of Chika making a birthday dessert

The first thing you see when you walk into Chikalicious is this sign which means that no reservations are taken:
chikalicious new york east village dessert bar
(So don’t expect to take your entire fraternity to this dessert bar – not like any fraternities would go anyhow hahaha)

Started with the Chikalicious amuse : Grapefruit Sorbet
chikalicious dessert bar east village new york

I had the Mocha and Hazelnut Triffle with white coffee ice cream. It was served in a cup and you basically scoop out the layers with a spoon. The triffle was moist and the blend of sweet cold ice cream went well with the spongy nutty cake and the crunchy crushed hazelnuts.
chikalicious dessert bar east village new york

Other choices were the Poached Pear with Darjeeling Tea Granita along with a chocolate pudding.

The Petite Fours included chocolate cookie, coconut marshmallow and yellow cake. Pretty tasty, small individual slices.
chikalicious east village dessert bar new york

Here’s our menu for the night at Chikalicious:
chikalicious dessert menu east village new york

The Chikalicious website address is Click to get hours and location information.

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