Ceci Cela French Pastries New York

ceci cela pastries new york

Ceci-Cela French Pastries

55 Spring St
New York, NY 10012-5727
(212) 274-9179

Looking for for the real deal on French Pastries in New York? The sign above Ceci Cela Pastries says it all – “La Patisserie des Connaiseurs”. Located literally above the 6 train spring street exit/entrance, Ceci Cela is a tiny little famous French pastries shop in Soho. Here you will find a great selection of traditional French pastries such as cakes, mousse, parfait, savories, breads, tarts, and quiches. At the rear of Ceci Cela Pastries is a cozy small seating area to devour individual treats and sip coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, late’s etc. Ceci Cela is so conveniently located of the subway stop that sometimes I forget about the back room – I used to just grab a cup of coffee ceci cela French pastries new york and a chocolate croissant or other pastry. Ceci Cela pastries are all fresh – not like a lot of cafes and bread pastry shops you see down in SOHO. The staff is also very friendly (even if you don’t speak French or try to fake it with a horrible accent like I do). Last week I stopped by and picked up the passion fruit cup which is filled with a pastry cream base, assorted berries, passion fruit and topped with a sweet glaze and it was awesome. passion fruit cup ceci cela french pastries new york sohoThe fruit was still fresh, the cream was still had a spongy resiliency – not the usual watery mess you get with a few days old tarts or other pastry creams. Ceci Cela also has another name for this dessert – “paradise cake”. Go figure. If you call yourself a “connoisseur” of pastries, definitely check out Ceci Cela French Pastries down in SOHO.

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  • Recherchez vous un petit commis francais passionné desirant approfondir son anglais !! Aimable et courageux je suis doué dans le domaine artistique que possede la patisserie d’aujourd’hui !!

  • About how much will it cost to eat lunch here?
    I am going to eat with my friends.
    Is it expensive for students to eat here?

  • I cannot speak on the service of the wait staff, but I can say that the delivery service is terrible. In addition, the manager does not understand customer service. I would NEVER order from them again! I called two weeks in advance and placed an order for a cake. The cake was for my husband’s birthday and was to be delivered at 5pm. I was charged a significant delivery fee, so I expected the cake to be delivered on time. The cake was delivered 30 mins late. When the delivery woman got to my door, she was not apologetic. When I told her that the cake was suppose to come at 5pm, she simply shrugged her shoulders and acted as if that’s not her problem. The uncertainty of whether the birthday cake was coming was very stressful and almost ruined the birthday celebrations. So I called the bakery to complain. The manager agreed to refund the delivery charge. However, the next day, the manager called and was extremely hostile. He got the delivery girl’s version and implied that I was lying. He treated me as if I was a criminal. What ever happened to the customer’s always right? The manager concedes that she did not deliver the cake at 5pm, that she arrived only 10 minutes late. Last time I checked, 10 minutes is still late. Regardless, she did not deliver the cake to me until 5:30 pm. I am now sending him phone records and a letter from my doorman as proof that she was “extremely” late.

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