Caribbean Latin – Cuban Sandwiches Pollo Arroz

Was up in Washington Heights NY and Sing and I found a local Dominican cafe (actually one of the locals on the street directed us). They didn’t speak any English so I had to try to order with my limited Spanish skills.

Managed to order a very very tasty Pollo Arroz and Beans. The chicken was golden brown and the yellow rice was very savory.

pollo arroz Dominican Washington heights new york

Also had a Cuban sandwich – it wasn’t as good as the ones I’ve had down in the lower east side on Clinton street but it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten one of these and it was definitely good anyhow:
cuban sandwich washington heights new york

2 thoughts on “Caribbean Latin – Cuban Sandwiches Pollo Arroz”

  • hey! thanks for having this cool page i just wanted you to send me a recipe to learn how to make “carne guisada” please reply my message i want to learn how to do it because i’m dominican and i love dominican food.

  • hello
    This is my recipe of carne guisada.
    with 2 lbs of meat,
    – rub the meat with juice of a naranja agria(sour orange) to clean it and for the taste, and then dump out the liquid.
    Next, you can cook the meat in a pressure ot to soften it if desired for about 45 min or so.
    In a large bowl Marinate beef with sliced onions, crushed garlic, adobo, a little liquid sazon such as Ranchero brand or a goya product like a sofrito, soy sauce and/or wosterchire sauce.
    Next in a deep frying pan or caldero heat oil a little more than to cover the bottom, not too much though, add a pinch of sugar, brown sugar prefirably and wait for it to get dark than add the meat and onions and garlic do not add much of the liquid though. Let cook a little not stirring to much. Add about a tablespoon of tomatoe paste and some wosterchire and/or soy sauce and mix a dd a little water. Add more salt or adobo if desired.
    It should come out saucy so do not leave on for too long or all your sauce will evaporate, you may cover and keep on a very low heat.

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