Caffe Swish Pan Asian Sushi Columbia University New York

caffee swish pan asian sushi hotpot columbia university new york

Caffe Swish
Pan Asian Restaurant:
Sushi Chinese Hot Pot Vietnamese

2953 Broadway @ 115th St
New York
212 222 3568

Directly across Columbia University are several reputable dinning choices. A few years back when I was living up on 95th st I remember venturing up to Columbia University to eat at the many restaurants as well as hang out at the college bars. One of the restaurants, Caffe Swish offers a multitude of pan asian dishes. In the winter time, it’s probably known best for its Chinese hot pot dishes. ( Most of the tables in the restaurant have been modified with removable wood disks that reveal hidden gas tuna tataki caffee swish columbia university pan asian sushigrills to heat up the hot pots ). It’s June and 90 F with 95% humidity outside so we decided to pass on the hot pot today. We started with the Tuna Tataki which is sliced seared Ahi Tuna steeped in ponzu sauce and slices of baked garlic and crusty black pepper. It was pretty tasty but a little on the salty side and nothing like the toro sashimi I had last week at the Wasabi bistro in Seattle. tofu salad caffe swish pan asian columbia university new york Next we had the Tofu Salad which is made of noodle strings of daikon, leafy greens, carrots and some very soft silken tofu. It’s served with a orange ginger sauce and it was very enjoyable. The soft tofu melted in your mouth into a flavorful creamy consistency – something you don’t often expect from tofu dishes. Next we ordered the honey marinated ginger chicken (shown above). Despite the addition of honey, this dish is actually quite spicy. The slices of raw ginger give it an interesting spicy addition to the sweet caramelized sauce. Lastly we ordered the grilled lemongrass porkshop. grilled lemon grass pork chops caffe swish columbia university new york We definitely ordered too much for 2 but this dish was also very good however we kind of felt the pork chops could have been grilled a little longer like they do at Pho Bang . We were way too stuffed to enjoy any desert but I did notice a full display of pastries along with a fully stocked bubble tea pearl tapioca bar. The outdoor dining on the sidewalk makes for a great meeting spot at Columbia University. Why couldn’t my college have nice places like this ?

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