Burger Joint NY New York (at Le Parker Meridien Hotel)

burger joint le parker meridian hotel new york

Burger Joint NY New York at Le Parker Meridien Hotel

118 W 57th ST
New York City NY 10019.
Burger Joint is in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien hotel right of the check in counter, down a narrow passageway behind curtains. Look for the neon burger sign.
Hours: Sun.-Thurs., 11 a.m to 11:30 p.m.; Fri.-Sat., 11 a.m. to midnight

As most New Yorker’s know, some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants are usually hidden and tucked away in a dark alley and off the beaten path. For example to get to the popular roof top bar / lounge 230 5th Ave, you have to walk into the building lobby and take a set of elevators in the back hall but there are no visible signs to point you in the right direction (nowadays however you’ll find a long line of B&T revelers on the weekends). For most businesses, being hidden is not the best strategy to win new customers but in this situation it actually helps draw in more crowds due to its mysterious and exclusive nature.

burger joint le parker meridian hotel new york Such is the case with Burger Joint – it’s tucked away down in a skinny dark hallway masked by long draping curtains to the right of the luxury hotel lobby of the Le Parker Meridien. The only indication that you’re heading towards the right spot is the neon sign of a burger at the end of the walkway (or the long line of patrons during lunch time). Inside you’ll find a full fledged restaurant with booths and burger joint le parker meridian hotel new york tables albeit usually quite crowded. You would never expect a greasy spoon burger and fries joint to be inside of a high end hotel. But the fact of the matter is that the burgers speak for themselves – it’s much more than just the location. I’m not entirely sure if this Burger Joint is related to the same Burger Joint on 3rd avenue that serves sliders but the meat is also excellent. You also get to choose how you want it cooked so you can adjust the juicy flavor. I got a cheeseburger ($6.50) cooked medium and fries ($3.00). They also serve pitchers of Samuel Adams for just $17.burger joint le parker meridian hotel new york I went to Burger Joint with several coworkers some of them with whom I lunched with at The Prime Burger (also another great midtown burger place). It’s hard to say which place is better but it is safe to say that the burgers at both joints are excellent. Besides, being tucked away in this hidden room is a great way to escape from those thousands of salad delis in midtown. Who needs another salad anyway?

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  • I am taking a trip to NYC soon, and have stumbled across multiple people recommending this place. I am attracted to burger joint for its hole-in-the-wall quality… 🙂

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