Bulgogi Kimchi Street Cart Vendor Midtown NY at 49th and 6th Ave

"bulgogi Kimchi street cart" "49th and 6th ave"

Bulgogi Kimchi Street Cart Vendor
Midtown NY
49th and 6th Ave

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of street cart food vendors and it was a delight when my coworker Helene walked into work with a plate of bulgogi last week. At first I just assumed it was from Duke’s but no, it was from the highly rumored Korean Street Cart!! Man, I’ve read about this food cart on a variety of food blogs and have seen actual photos but I haven’t been able to find it till now. Located on the South-West corner of W49th and 6th Ave, it’s a bit hidden among the usual Halal Chicken/Lamb and Hot Dog vendors, but there it is with it’s bright red Korean food menu. They sell a full menu of Korean food including bulgogi and rice plate with Kimchi, bulgogi sandwiches, and more. I guess it’s a 2 team cart with a sales guy pitching the fare outside of the cart and his lady counterpart cooking and serving up the meals from within. "bulgogi Kimchi street cart" "49th and 6th ave" I got the Bulgogi Kimchi Plate for $5 which comes with a free bottle of water. As for the taste however, I have to say I was a little disappointed. The meat was good but didn’t have that crisp crunch you’d expect coming off of a grill or frying pan. I guess that is part of the problem – these guys prepare it ahead of time instead of cooking upon ordering (unlike your typical Halal Chicken/Lamb vendors who slice / cut and fry your meat and serve it piping hot. The tiny tiny plastic cup of kimchi was also a let down – it was about 1 tablespoon at most of kimchi. Come on, how much does it cost to make some kimchi? Well, I suppose the novelty is still their advantage not to mention there’s no competition. There’s a pretty long line around the block I’ve heard. Maybe they just need some time to work out the kinks on this one – so I’ll go back and try it again in a few months. In the meantime, I’ve also heard rumors about an Indian Dosas cart somewhere. Anyone know about this ??

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  • Thanks for the tip! This looks like a good addition to the nabe. The dosai cart that’s best well known is the one on Washington Square south, run by a Sri Lankan guy named Thiru. He also has vada on Tuesdays, I think. Let us know if you find another.

  • Kimchee is time consuming to make. It requires salting the cabbages and careful watch during fermentation. Also the defining igredient is seeded pepper powder (my mom hoards her by vintage) which is not inexpensive. C’mon give ’em a break—why don’t you toss ’em an extra quarter or two and suggest that they iclude more kimchee 🙂

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