Buga Korean Restaurant San Diego, CA

Went out last night to a nice Korean restaurant called Buga ( I know – just went to Korean last friday). But this time it was for korean BBQ.

Buga has all the cool elements of a Korean BBQ and it costs a little less that Soul BBQ or Korea House on Convoy Street and even has a nice little garden (for looks). Although you can’t access it except from outside and once you’re in there, everyone in the restaurant will be staring at you which would be a little weird I suppose. But it’s a nice touch anyhow.

This place also helps you place all of your fears at the door – no mad cow disease (click to enlarge):

Of course some loser had to edit the english cause they misspelled “cow” and “short” ribs. Don’t you hate it when someone has to do that? I have no idea what coleman beef is or where it is from, but it was very tasty indeed. They definitely marinate the beef and after it’s cooked it’s very very tender and juicy.

The grills here are all gas so your clothes don’t smell too much like BBQ after you leave and they are very squeaky clean:

Present at the meal was Simon,Martin, Rolo, and Stan. I think this place is kind of traditional cuase the waitress did a lot of the grilling here. I have been to some korean restaurants where if there is a female in the group, the waiters don’t do any of the grilling cause they figure the woman would do it. Kind of sexist? I don’t know – it was like that in Beijing / WuDaoKou all the time. So anyways, check out the excellent service. She really knew how to ‘man’ the grill (haha 😉 ) for sure:

Grilling Galbi (Beef Ribs) and Chicken

Really good Daeji Bulgogi (spicy pork on a sizzling platter):

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