Brunch @ Juliette (rooftop) Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Brunch @ Juliette (rooftop) Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

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135 N 5th St, Brooklyn 11211
(Btwn Bedford Ave & Berry St)
PHONE: 718-388-9222

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to belong in Williamsburg. You’ll probably spot more strollers and pleated khakis at Juliette than skinny black pants, leggings and converse hightops, but it makes sense. Especially 2 weekends ago when it was 90F and the wait at egg next door was barely moving at a snails pace. Bottom line, Juliette has a large space below and on the roof deck and can therefore accomodate the legions of people getting off the L train 2 blocks away. They also have AC (downstairs) and a hostess that gets people moving. How’s the food? We ordered omlettes and eggs benedict and they turned out quite well. At night this place offers a great fixe prix French menu. According to the NY Times, it’s a mixed bag of reviews in terms of the quality but again I think the overall positive is that it’s got capacity and efficiency so when you are short on time, it’s a great option. Waiting at the bar is also a bonus. I still need to try Egg one of these days but until then at least Juliette is there as a great standby.

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