22 Brooklyn Jury Duty Lunch Day 1, 2 & 3 : Yemen Cafe

Brooklyn Jury Duty Lunch Day 1 ,2 & 3 : Yemen Cafe

Yemen Cafe brooklyn jury duty lunch

176 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn NY 11201
718 834 9533

I’ve always been able to get out of jury duty. In California the trick is to say you work on commission and they let you go immediately. Here in Brooklyn it’s a little different. I got picked and served 2 weeks in Grand Jury. It’s actually not so bad since I was able to learn a lot about the law and hit up a few good places to eat nearby.

Yemen Cafe brooklyn jury duty lunch

Day 1. I went to a sandwich shop named Zam’s. It’s ok, it’s not bad but nothing special.

Day 2. I ditched Jury Duty to go to work

Day 3. On the recommendation of a friend I checked out Yemen Cafe on Atlantic @ Court. It’s kind of a hike from the courthouse but I think it’s worth it. You’ll see a lot of cab drivers along with some locals. It’s barebones interiors but the food is pretty good.

I got the Loubia which is Yemeni risotto, lamb cooked with vegetables served with rice or bread for $10. (A lot of food – maybe not the best for trying to stay awake during jury duty)

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