Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

brooklyn ice cream factory

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Fulton Ferry Landing Pier
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 246-3963

Sunday was a very sunny day not as warm as Saturday but enough for me to check out the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It’s right on the Fulton ferry landing and there’s a great view of Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn bridge. During weekdays you can take the ferry to the financial district just over the water and during the summer you can take the ferries up the Hudson or East river to various piers. The Fulton Ferry Landing was also the beach head where General George Washington staged an attack on the Brittish in August 1776. Such a landmark and scenic place for Ice Cream !

brooklyn ice cream factoryAll the ice cream is naturally made without any preservatives. I tried a cup of the vanilla with chocolate chips. Here they load up the cups with three scoops for just $3. It wasn’t the very best ice cream i’ve ever had but for the scenic view and the amount they give you, it’s definitely worthwhile. There’s also a Grimaldi’s Pizza down the street so you can enjoy 2 Brookyn institutions at the same moment if you like.

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