Broadway Diner Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Broadway Diner Williamsburg Brooklyn New York

Broadway Diner

85 Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11211
718 48 3077
Open Daily 11AM – 2AM

Seems like every American city has a Broadway street and I would say on these streets there’s at least one or two diners broadway diner Williamsburg new york named “Broadway Diner”. Here in New York, Broadway runs down the whole island of Manhattan and through the other boroughs and since diners are so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s over a dozen diners named “Broadway Diner”. In Williamsburg the sign on the awning says “Broadway Diner” but all the locals call it just plain “diner”. Made out of a restored 1927 dining car replete with a long bar and cool retro chrome barstools, Diner makes for another popular drinking spot in Williamsburg but don’t let the short list on the menu fool you. That night they had Rib Eye steak, a half chicken, burgers and a pasta dish. I just had huge steak at Peter Lugers (located down the street) just a few days before so I opted for just a cheeseburger. I didn’t expect much since it was just a cheeseburger deluxe broadway diner williamsburg NY diner but to my surprise the burger was one of the finest I’ve had in awhile. It was served with a plate of home cut fries, and the meat was tenderized and marinated resulting in a very juicy and delicious burger. I also heard from a friend of mine that the brunch at Diner was also very good so I’ll have to make a trip back here sometime.

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  • Along the vein of New York diners, I highly recommend the Waverly Restaurant in the West Village (Near W 4th Street stop). They not only have an enormous menu at reasonable prices, the food is great. IÂ’ve heard some of the more complicated dishes can be off sometimes, but I tend to stick with the basics and have yet to be unhappy with anything IÂ’ve ordered. One of my favorites is the barbecue ribs.ItÂ’s the prototypical neighborhood diner that all these newer diners now aspire to be. The interior seems like it hasnÂ’t been updated since the 70s and if you go often enough, the waiters start to recognize you by what you order. ItÂ’s just an all around great place for everyday diner fare.

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