Suntory Boss Japanese Can Coffee

Suntory Boss Coffee Japanese Canned Coffee

Suntory Boss Coffee – Canned Coffee ( Japanese )

What is it with Asian and European packaging that is so cool? (Check out the Korean Soy Milk drinks ) I was at the Sunshine Japanese market down on Astor place on East 9th and this fine selection of canned coffee caught my eye : The Suntory Boss Coffee collection The Suntory Boss Coffee website is pretty over-the-top with its high graphic Flash intro. Here you have all kinds of flavors and sizes but for me its the name and the logo that’s pretty cool. I love the stylized 70’s businessman with the old school Sherlock Holmes type pipe. suntory boss canned japanese coffeeWhen I was living out in Beijing a few years ago, a lot of the local companies that wanted to market to Westerners always had photos of old school Caucasian businessmen or these faux blonde models. Actually a lot of my Caucasian friends who were out in Beijing became models for these adverts and you’d see their faces on billboards all over town. It was pretty hilarious actually. The problem was that there was limited inventory of clip art / models so you would see the same model in multiple ads for multiple products and restaurants.
Anyhow I reached for the Boss Super Blend Coffee, which I have no idea why it is the “super blend”. The taste itself is pretty good but it’s nothing on the level of a canned FiveBucks coffee or a Red Bull / Monster. You would probably have to down about 2 or 3 of these for that type of caffeine effect. I would be interested in hearing how the Japanese view this drink – please send me your comments. Can I order a Boss + Brandy at a bar in Japan? ha ha.

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  • Recently returned back from a trip to Japan and myself and my partner avsolutely fell in love with the boss and his premium blends!!! Love the packaging, love the logo, love the campaign and we even found in a second hand shop an original old skool Boss jacket!! Wouyld have bought it if it wasn’t soo expensive!
    Any idea where we could find the “original” super blend boss. we found it somewhere at the beginning of our trip and we kept the empty can as a souveneir, but my mother threw it away thinking it was rubbish and we made it our mission to find it again and for the rest of the 2 weeks of our holiday we couldn’t find it again anywhere!! do you know if they are phasing it out?

  • You can’t possibly be serious about thinking that Boss doesn’t measure up to Charbucks. If caffeination is the criteria, just gorge on No-Doz. For a convenience store drink, Charbucks is reasonably tolerable. But for a smooth, excellent-tasting coffee, without need of cheap sickly sweetness, Boss is unparalleled.

  • As I habitually waste my uni breaks in Japan I’m particular fond of canned kohi, in particular Boss which has the coolest stuff. To date I’ve got a boss zippo, bookmark, memo case/wallet, posters and pins. You can buy this stuff along with Boss jan jackets from Yahoo Japan auction sites, just search for “Boss” and it should give you a link for Suntory Boss stuff. That being said, unless you’ve got a address in Japan you’ll need to use Fromjapan or a similar company to get the stuff for you as international shipping is never available. You can expect to pay a good couple hundred dollars for one of the better Boss Jan jackets. I’d be careful though because Japanese sizes are suspect 😛
    There is an endless amount of Boss stuff on Yahoo Japan so you’re bound to find something.

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