Bon Chon Fried Chicken – Korea Town NY

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Bon Chon Fried Chicken – Korea Town NY

314 5th Ave (@ 32nd st)
2nd floor
Tel. 212 221 2222

If you’re really cool, you’d know that KFC doesn’t stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken but in fact it really means Korean Fried Chicken !! A coworker of mine told me one of the latest fads in Korea is Fried Chicken and now you can enjoy this latest craze here in NY’s Korea Town. Check out Bon Chon Chicken – it’s more of a bar than a restaurant but take a look around and you soon find out that the majority of the patrons come for the chicken, not the cocktails (though you can enjoy one while crunching a drumstick). I guess that’s really the point – fried food and beer have always been a winning combination. Leave it to the Koreans to create a nice lounge / bar atmosphere around such a simple enjoyable "bon chon chicken" "korea town" "fried chicken" midtown "ny fried chicken" "korean fried chicken" kfc snack. (I checked but couldn’t find any karaoke rooms in this place LOL). They offer 2 types of fried chicken – soy garlic and spicy. We ordered a huge plate of both. Each order comes with a side of coleslaw with thousand island dressing and a bowl of pickeled daikon (this is great if you can’t take the heat of the spice). To compare this fried chicken to its competition uptown is not fair. I love my Harlem fried chicken and I love my Latin inspired New Caporal Fried Chicken . Here they do it a little different – the batter is thin so you don’t get the usual thick flakey, crunchy skin, instead the batter is more of a like a glaze. The result is also a crunchy skin, lighter, a little sweet (from the glaze), and very moist meat within. I love it so try it.

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