BOL BBQ at Sabrina, Tom and Milo’s

All this talk of food and cooking at the office along with some real nice San Diego spring time weather (and maybe constant postings at Plate of the day) led to a BOL BBQ at Sabrina, Tom and Milo’s place.

Tom and Sabrina were very nice to supply a nice full sized keg of beer and Rolando showed his appreciation with this T-Shirt:
rolando garcia t shirt

What’s a BBQ without the good ol’ Weber BBQ grill? (Here we have bbq chicken breasts and turkey burgers):
weber bbq grill

The BBQ spread – what a tasty meal on such a nice afternoon. Includes (some not pictured) deviled eggs and mint brownies from Danielle, Brazillian Caipirinha Cocktails, Feijoada black beans over rice, and Kalbi Korean BBQ Beef Ribs

Thanks Sabrina and Tom!

bbq spread

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