Bliss Vegetarian Vegan Cafe Restaurant Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Bliss Vegetarian Vegan Cafe Restaurant Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

bliss vegetarian cafe williamsburg brooklyn ny

191 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718 599 2547

To celebrate our completion of the Spring Liver Cleanse diet we went to Bliss Vegetarian Cafe in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Just a block from the Bedford L train stop, Bliss gets a ton of foot traffic and it’s usually quite packed and lively – kind of reminds me of places I went to back in my Berkeley days on Telegraph Ave. I tried the famous bliss bowl which is blend of steamed vegetables, seaweed, sweet potatoes, bean of the day, organic brown rice and choice of tofu tempeh or soba noodles with choice of creamy dill, lemon tahini miso, carrot ginger or peanut sauce ($9). It was pretty good but LOL after cooking vegan for ourselves for 20 days it still didn’t blow our minds away as we expected. But for the price it’s great vegan vegetarian. Brunch and sandwiches also look quite enticing if you’re looking for something beyond a bowl of salad.

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