Best Sul Long Tong ( Seolleongtang 설렁탕 ) in NY City

Best Sul Lung Tong ( Seolleongtang 설렁탕) in NY City

Gahm Mi Oak Korean Restaurant
43 W 32nd Street
New York
212 – 695 4113
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I was near Korea Town a few days ago and having just bought a brand new ‘autographed’ copy of the the 2008 NY Michelin Guide , I thumbed through their selections for K town and found Mandoo Bar is in the book (I remember going to this place during their grand opening back in ’99) and so is Cho Dang Gol (they make one of the best Bi Bim Bap I know). But I knew that my semi hole in the wall joint, Gahm Mi Oak would not make the gahm mi oak, sul long tong, korean restaurant ny,���, Seolleongtang Michelin book review (Gahm Mi Oak did make it into Zagat -fuck, guess I do need to buy a Zagat afterall) so here I am posting and pleading on behalf of this fine establishment. Ok, so going back to Sul Long Tong or Seolleongtang 설렁탕 , it’s a fine noodle broth soup with a silkenly smooth texture a bit like Chinese Congee. The soup base is made from slow cooked boiled ox bones which pack in an earthly rich flavor. It’s usually served with rice, noodles, and slices of beef. You garnish with raw green onions and salt. This is a godsend soup if you’re feeling a little under the weather. At the rear of Gahm Mi Oak, you’ll see the huge steel vats that they use to traditionally slow cook the bones over several days. An order of Seoleongtang also comes with a plate of fresh Kim Chi which they gahm mi oak, sul long tong, korean restaurant ny,ì�¤ë ��, Seolleongtang mix, slice, and serve right at your table. Besides its beneficial therapeutic qualities for the cold and flu, Sul Long Tang also has another very popular usage – it’s great for hangovers! That’s right this stuff is probably one of the best ways to prevent and to get over a hangover. Which easily explains the crowd of drunken club going kids that fill the tables at Gahm Mi Oak every night starting around 2AM. I need to go back and take some video of all the drunken debauchery that goes on in this restuarant at night. Guys slumped over the tables after doing massive shots of SoJu and girls tripping and falling on their way to the restroom. Thank goodness for Seolleongtang indeed!

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  • Simon,

    I love your website AND Gahm Mi Oak is my favorite place for Sul Lung Tong! Their kimchee is awesome as well (I think they have some of the best kimchee in the city). Keep up the great work!


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