Best Steaks Peter Luger Steakhouse Brooklyn New York

best steaks peter luger steakhouse brooklyn new york

Peter Luger Steakhouse
Famous Steaks

178 Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11211
718 387 7400

Looking for the best juicy steaks of New York? There’s actually a few really good places but one of the most famous and original is Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn. Peter Luger’s steakhouse (established in 1887) has been peter luger steakhouse famous porterhouse steaks new yorkrated New York’s number one steakhouse for 20 years in a row! So last weekend I was hanging out with my friend Noel last weekend and it happend to be July 4th weekend and we realized that since there weren’t any cool BBQ’s we knew about we may as well get our grill meats at one of the best in town. We went on Sunday July 3rd without a reservation and it was already quite crowded by the time we arrived at 6pm. We started off with a few really stiff drinks at the bar at Peter Luger’s and didn’t get our table till about 7:30PM or so. During our wait the actor John Lithgow walked in – I guess he’s the type of guy you can expect to eat a huge juicy steak.

Peter Luger Bacon?

As an appetizer, we started off with the bacon. Yes that is right, bacon. This is not just ordinary breakfast crispy bacon however, the bacon they serve at Peter Luger’s is specially sliced and seasoned. It’s best new york steaks peter luger brooklyn new york more like eating a slice of honey baked ham with the smokey flavor of bacon. (It was incredible). Next we shared a porterhouse steak medium rare with a side of potatoes and creamed spinach. The porterhouse steak is Peter Luger’s specialty and it’s an enourmous cut. At Peter Luger’s, the porterhouse steaks are served on these enourmous hot sizzling plates and are tipped on a upside down dish at a slant on the table. This allows the juices / butter / grease to flow down to the bottom best steaks peter luger steakhouse new yorkof the plate – a great solution as it gives you the option if you don’t want your steak soaking in oil. Personally I have to admit my favorite cut is the rib eye steak but this was my first time at Peter Luger’s and I have to confess that I now believe in porterhouse steak cuts as well. The porterhouse steak cuts are thick with a great texture of meat and fat and they are seasoned and cooked to perfection. Each slice is a juicy morsel of heavenly grilled steak. famous peter luger porterhouse steak brooklyn steakhouse new york A porterhouse steak for 2 by the way is more than adequate and in fact we were not able to finish it off despite how good it tasted and how hungry we were. Overall, Peter Luger’s is a fun place with great food and is worth the price and the commute (actually only about a 15 minute walk from the Bedford L train stop). Needless to say I had to walk off this meal afterwards for about 20 minutes and felt like having a smoke.

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