Best New York Cheesecake? D’Aiuto’s Pastry

best new york cheesecake d'aiuto's

D’aiuto’s New York Cheesecake and Pastry

405 8th Avenue
New York, NY

New York is known for a lot of different foods such as hot dogs, bagels, pizza, and then there’s New York Cheesecake. I know there’s a lot of places to get cheesecake in New York but according to the Travel Channel, D’auito’s Cheesecake Pastry shop on 8th avenue is the best.

One of D’auito’s cheesecake shops is just a few blocks from where I am staying so I decided to try it out. The shop has dozens and dozens of cookies and an assortment of cheesecake pies. There’s chocolate, cherry, vanilla, plain, etc. I tried out the cherry cheesecake:
Best New York Cheesecake? D'Aiuto's Pastry

The quality and taste of Cheesecake, much like key lime pie , has a lot to do with the crust and the filling. D’auito’s makes a really heavy slice of cheese that is both creamy and sweet but not too rich. The graham cracker crust is not too flaky and has a nice crunch. It’s a great balance and I do recommend D’auito’s Cheesecake. I haven’t tried out enough cheesecakes out in New York to say who’s best but so far this is pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Best New York Cheesecake? D’Aiuto’s Pastry”

  • That is a ballsy claim. The best cheesecake on earth.
    At least they have quotes around it.

    You should fix this textbox in Firefox, dude.

  • Yeah – I guess technically they aren’t comparing themselves to Junior’s since Junior’s is in Brooklyn. So the best in NY City should be a clarification for sure. Even at that though, I still don’t know if it’s that great. Come on Travel Channel – Anthony Bourdain buddy, you got to kill the TChannel’s review!!!!

  • I have been a NY cheesecake afficionado for all my life, the real D’aiuto cheesecake from the spot on 8th ave (the plain, mind you, not the graham cracker, soft cheesecake pictured) is the best I’ve ever had. Do I love Junior’s? Sure, it’s also great, but the dry, almost flaky, not too sweet consistency of the D’Aiuto, dare I say it, takes the cake. Even the little baby watson cakes they manufacture for high-end grocers nationwide aren’t bad if you’re outside the city. But the 8th ave and 30th street spot has hands-down the best plain slice in NYC, if not the world. I’ve had ’em all.

  • Juniors cheese cake….best….hands down. All of their flavors ,shortcake,pies, cookies…hmmmm.Excellent. Now you know why people order from all over the world when you taste this cake.Awesome.

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