Bermuda – Freeport Seafood Restaurant

bermuda freeport seafood restaurant

Bermuda – Freepost Seafood Restaurant

Royal Dockyard

Well we were told in all the guidebooks as well as a our cab driver to go check out the royal dockyards in Bermuda. Honestly it’s a little touristy with all of the shops inside selling their t-shirts, sea shells, etc. It’s mostly for the suckers coming off of the cruiseships that dock here. Anyhow we were a little hungry and looking for a good place to eat. People said to check out the Frog and Onion pub which turned out to have mostly bar food and had kind of an bermuda freeport seafood restaurantattitude. We did see this semi-hole in the wall place called Freeport Seafood at the gate entrace of the dockyard. It serves burgers, ice cream, and pies (lemon, apple, beef, mussel). The mussel pie sounded interesting but they were out already so we just bought a lemon pie and a cup of the seafood chowder as a snack. The chowder wasn’t the thick bermuda freeport seafood restaurantand creamy boston clam chowder but more of like manhattan clam chowder except it had ground fish. It was also a little spicy as well but overall ok. The lemon pie was not anything spectacular the next day when we ate it.

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