Bermuda – Dark and Stormy Drink

bermuda dark and stormy

Bermuda Island – Dark and Stormy Drink

On the island of Bermuda, one of the local specialities is an alcoholic drink called the Dark and Stormy . It’s basically made of 2 ingredients :

1) Gosling’s Bermuda Dark Rum
2) Ginger Beer

I didn’t even know what a dark and stormy was until our Bermuda hotel guy warned us about not getting too close to the edge of this cliff when drinking too many dark and stormies. Now you may be wondering why you’d ever want to mix beer with rum but no worries the ginger beer is non alcoholic – it’s more or less a ginger ale. All together the Dark and Stormy tastes a little like a cross between a Jack and Ginger and a Rum and Coke. The Rum content is around 2 oz or more so this famous Bermuda drink gets the job done.

Bermuda dark and stormyWhat’s even more convienent is that they sell pre-mixed Dark and Stormy drinks in a can so you can just pop one open while you’re enjoying the nice sunny beaches of Bermuda. We bought a few of these for the flight home from Bermuda – it knocked us out immediately. Next time you are in Bermuda, defnitely order one of these local drinks.

3 thoughts on “Bermuda – Dark and Stormy Drink”

  • I have been all over the website looking on how to order pre canned Dark ‘n Stormy beer and can’t find anywhere can you please help? How can I order this beer or do you know how i can get it or what website to look under.Please email me back I would really love to know.

  • I also have been looking for about two months. I had the cans at Horeshoe Beach in Bermuda. It was so convenient. I have a feeling you cant get it here in the states.

  • You can try contacting Barritt’s and asking if their Ginger Beer is available in your area. This is the ginger beer that is used when Barritt’s makes the Dark n Stormy cans for Goslings. Ginger beers are not created equally. Then just buy the Gosling Black Rum (available everywhere) and mix it yourself. It will taste the same as the cans, but not as convenient. I have been drinking the cans for 20 years, but when on the island the drinks are always mixed… like the wicked ones at the RBYC Newport Race party.

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