Bauplatz Food Installation Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Bauplatz Food Installation Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Bauplatz Food Installation

Street Food Experience Extraordinary
174 Grand Street
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

If you know me well, you know I enjoy trying out food from local street food vendors. It was a fantastic experience in Beijing bicycling through the hutongs looking for the freshest jiao zi, bao zi and jian bing. Here in New halal chicken lamb shish kabab cartYork you can often find Halal Falafel street carts (along with the nuts 4 nuts, hot dog and pretzel guys). To be honest hot dogs are ok if you just need a quick bite but if you want a full meal you’ve got to try out one of the curry Halal carts in New York. They’re pretty easy to spot at night – it’s where all the cab drivers park for their late night snacking! There’s a ton of them in midtown along 6th Ave in the 50s. For just $4.50 you can enjoy a plate of freshly grilled chicken or lamb over yellow rice and a small side of salad. Add the white tzatziki sauce and hot sauce and you’ve got a great bargain meal to go. Yesterday I just found another street cart vendor that trumps all of the above.
I am currently staying out in Williamsburg at the moment and as I was walking along Bedford Ave I noticed the Bauplatz installation. Bauplatz Food Installation Williamsburg Brooklyn NY It’s right next to the Kam Sing Chinese food take out joint. According to the website, Bauplatz is an “outdoors work in progress space for the summer” and is a collaboration between Chef Richard Etkin, Visual Artist Dahlia Fischbeiin, architect Werner Morath and creative director GGrippo. bauplatz ribs special plate williamsburg The graffiti walls are softly lit with a series of hanging citronella burning lanterns and in the far corner is a small oasis of plants. The space will morph throughout the summer and will feature live music, djs, fashion shows, video projections, and dance performances. I ordered the “special” that night which was BBQ ribs and a side of cabbage stew. For only $7 these are awesome ribs – they could have been grilled a little more to get more crisp but I wasn’t complaining. The cabbage stew was also very flavorful and slightly spicy. The daily specials change everyday but on the main menu are chicken tacos, beef burgers and dulche de leche banana desserts. Bauplatz also serves cold drinks and beers so it’s a great place to hang out and enjoy the summer weather.

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