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About Plate Of The Day Food Blog

Plate of the day started among my friends in San Diego, NY and Beijing. Although we lived in different time zones with access to different types of cuisine, we all shared a similar passion for great food. On a weekly basis we exchanged photos, recipes, and stories about fun and unusual meals that we’ve discovered. Plate of the day is all about these experiences associated with food. I’m sure you recall a recently great meal that you shared with your friends or perhaps a proud moment creating a deliciously good meal. What made that meal so special? More likely than not that memorable meal was more than just great tasting food – maybe it was the company that it was shared with, the conversation you had during the meal, or perhaps it was the journey and anticipation of finding the restaurant or the process and care in preparing the meal. Plate of the day is about recording these memorable events and experiences with food. (Both good and awful tasting food.)

West Side East Side Far East – On The Road – Where do you eat?

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some culinary hot spots – San Francisco, New York and Beijing. In each locale there’s just some meals that you can’t find elsewhere. I’m not talking about 4 or 5 star Michelin award winning restaurants but instead the simple local favorites. Whether this is the mix of South American cuisine in the Mission District in San Francisco, the famous Mission Burritos, a side of corned beef and cabbage from 2nd Ave Deli in NY, a fresh plate of greasy fried chicken served out of a bullet proof plexiglas counter in Harlem, or a plate of fresh hand made jiao zi dumplings in a candle lit unpaved hu tong shack in Beijing, each meal speaks for itself in its own moment. Tell me about your travels and the meals you’ve encountered.

Please Join And Share Your Comments / Culinary Creations!

If you enjoy cooking or baking and have some mean recipes, please feel free to share your recipes and methods. This includes any unusual tips you may have in preparing food, any unusual places that you’ve been to, any great hole-in-the-wall restaurants in your city, or just plain stories about cooking and eating.

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