Best Taco Food Trucks Country Boys (Vendy 2009 Winner)- Red Hook Soccer Fields Brooklyn

Best Taco Food Trucks Country Boys (Vendy 2009 Winner) – Red Hook Soccer Fields Brooklyn

Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn

Besides friends and family, the top 3 things I miss since moving here from California:

1) Weather
2) Beaches
3) Cheap, good Mexican food.

The weather isn’t too bad here for most of the year and although getting to the beach is kind of big hassle, I can deal with the top 2 for sure. The lack of cheap good Mexican food though, still baffles me to this day. Sure there’s the Super Tacos truck on 96th and Broadway on the Upper West Side but I don’t really live up in that area anymore. Here in Williamsburg there’s the local Mexican 2000 Deli/RestaruantFood Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn but honestly a $9 burrito still doesn’t make sense when you compare it to the quality and taste of a $4.50 burrito from King Taco, Albertos, Robertos or the thousands of non franchise places in Southern California. So what to do? Well, as in most instances, go where the locals go and you’ll not only get the most authentic but you’ll also get it at local prices.

Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn The Food Trucks of Red Hook Soccer Fields
I love food trucks and I think I found the food truck jackpot of New York at the Red Hook Soccer Fields. Located on the corner of Bay and Clinton in Red Hook, the soccer fields are where many local South American and Mexican soccer teams compete throughout the year. To feed the supporting families
Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklynand fans of the players is an armada of food and drink trucks that completely fill 2 city blocks. I took a bike ride out to the fields a few weekends ago and checked out the trucks myself. There is so much variety it blows my mind! Salvadorian pupusas, Mexican tacos, cheese corn, and sopes, Columbian arepas, Guatemalan drinks, etc.
Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn
By way of a woman with a pair of gigantic tacos’s recommendation, I tried out the Country Boys taco truck ( New York Top Vendy Award Winner 2009) At the Country Boys taco truck, they hand roll their corn tortillas, grill them to a crisp, then fold and stuff them with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, shrimp, pork skin, or vegetarian (zucchini, mushroom, spinach), loads of guacamole, lettuce and cheese. All for $6!

Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn
Food Trucks at Red Hook Park Brooklyn

I have to say that because this taco was so enormous I was too stuffed to try out any of the other food trucks. Oh well, definitely will be returning here to sample the nice selection. With the food trucks of Red Hook, I guess missing good cheap Mexican food is sort of taken care of. Now, if we could just get an In and Out Burger to open up here that would really be something.

4 thoughts on “Best Taco Food Trucks Country Boys (Vendy 2009 Winner)- Red Hook Soccer Fields Brooklyn”

  1. hey man,
    if you get a chance, try tacos at dokebi…
    they just started making korean bbq tacos.
    grass fed short ribs and a braised berkshire porkbelly.

    it’s only 3 bucks.

    i’ve been there 3 times in the past week!
    they’re pretty unbeatable.

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