Cuban Food – Meson de Pepe Key West

cuban food meson de pepe key west

El Meson de Pepe Cuban Food

410 Wall Street, Mallory Square
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 295-2620

The proximity of Cuba to the Florida Keys may explain the abundance of great Cuban Food Restaurants. While down in Key West we tried out one of the local authentic Cuban favorites, El Meson de Pepe

Started off with the classic Cuban Food Dish : Fried Plaintains, Yellow Rice, and Black Beans
cuban food - plaintains, yellow rice and beans cuban meson de pepe key west
The rice was buttery and tasty and the fried plaintains were prepared to perfection with a glazed caramelized layer of natural sugars. I had the Cuban combination plate Completa de Caballo Grande which includes

  • Lechon Asado – Traditional Cuban roasted pork marinated in cumin-mojo sauce
  • Ropa Vieja – Traditional Cuban shredded beef stewed with fresh tomatoes,
    green peppers, onions and red wine. Literally translated as “old clothes”
  • Cuban Picadillo – Tangy ground beef cooked with sofrito, olives, capers, and raisins
  • lechon asado ropa vieja picadillo cuban food

    Also the Cuban traditional favorite : Rabirubia Frita Entera – Fried whole yellow tail,
    marinated w/fresh key lime, garlic and onions
    rabirubia frita entera - cuban food meson de pepe key west

    El Meson De Pepe has 2 locations. We went to the one on Mallory Square. They have outdoor seating in a nice fountain courtyard. (The water in the fountain was a little funky that night so if you have a choice, sit away from the fountain). Outside on the waterfront is a live salsa band where you can finish your sangria and listen to nice tunes.

    5 thoughts on “Cuban Food – Meson de Pepe Key West”

    1. Hi,I live in Long Key, Fl. and have been to your restaurant in Key West and I would love to have your recipe for Fried Plaintains and Ropa Vieja, to make for my family when we are back in Ky.
      Thank you,

    2. Can you believe all of the above Cuban specities whatever Ropa Vieja, Asado or ground beef Havana style, could be found in Beijing, the Olympics city. So drop in A-Che, Beijing’s first and most popular Cuban themed restaurant and bar, when you’re in Beijing for Olympics.

    3. cubano red neck cuban in york south carolina i miss our culture food and dancing and lechon azado 803-526-1805 we are a non profit org i used torace in nascar till april 2006 visist our web site and learn more abouts we are looking for a food wholesellers for cuban food thank you god bless us all in amrerica

    4. I’m glad that I’m cuban I get to eat this everyday, I don’t need to go to no restartuant, no chief can top my mom’s homemade cooking. It is the best.

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