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April 1, 2005

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 When it comes to Dim Sum in Chinatown New York, paxil 30mg pills $188.00 there’s many options. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 Since Sing had the VIP hookup at Sweet and Tart we decided to go down for a bowl of Jook (Chinese Rice Porridge). Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 They do a pretty good job here and it’s very good with a savory broth that isn’t too watery or salty. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 It’s served in a large ceramic claypot and they have a large selection of meats and flavors to choose from including seafood, paxil 30mg pills $188.00 beef, paxil 30mg pills $188.00 chicken, paxil 30mg pills $188.00 and vegetarian.
jook sweet and tart chinese restaurant new york chinatown

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 We also had an amazing plate of steamed rice noodles folded over beef and rolls of fried dough. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 I’ve actually never had this before but apparently it’s quite popular on the streets of Hong Kong. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 It’s got the crunch from the fried dough along with the smooth rice noodles and savory beef.
sweet and tart dim sum chinese restaurant new york chinatown

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 Anyone who says Chinese desserts suck obviously haven’t tried Jia Man Tou (or fried bread rolls) served with condensed milk. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 This is a great dish that I learned about while I was in Beijing. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 It’s not always available at Cantonese style restaurants. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 Sometimes it’s served with honey which is also good. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 The taste is something like a glazed doughnut.
jia man tou dim sum sweet and tart chinese new york chinatown

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 Here’s a closeup:
jia man tou sweet and tart dim sum chinatown new york

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 When you enter the restaurant you are presented with a continuous waterfall that drips down a glass wall into a large fish tank. Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 We sat on the 2nd floor behind the tank and got some interesting close ups of the fish.
dim sum chinatown new york sweet and tart restaurant

Paxil 30mg pills $188.00 Guess Goldfish and Chinese food is a Feng Shui / Good luck thing?

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