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Pop Burger NY – Burgers / Bar / Club (and poker?) – Plate Of The Day
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Pop Burger NY – Burgers / Bar / Club (and poker?)

August 15, 2008
Pop Burger NY – Burgers / Bar / Club (and poker?)

pop burger new york bar club burgers dj

14 E. 58th St @ 5th Ave (near the Apple Store)
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212.991.6644

Fancy washing a nice slider burger down with a chilled glass of Dom Pérignon (1996)? You can at Pop Burger. Was just there last night (- champagne) with some crazy coworkers. The secret is to go up to the 2nd floor where there’s a nicely decorated wood paneled lounge (with a wall of throwback car stereo speakers), a full bar and a DJ booth. On a Thursday night, I would have to say it was almost club like to a degree. Maybe cause with the 6’5” models partying with their entourage, mixed in with my post-happy-hour work crowd and a decent DJ, you can’t really go wrong. So there you go – who knew a burger joint could be a decent club without the annoying velvet rope, the haughty guest list clipboard, and the line out the door! Then again, if you just want to go for the food, you can enjoy your meal on the 1st floor dining area – it’s bright and clean. Up on the 3rd floor is a smaller bar with a pool table but it’s usually reserved for private parties. Last night we actually stumbled into a private underground cash poker game. Got there too late otherwise I would have joined in!

As for the food – the Pop Burgers are slightly larger than your usual sliders and they use 100% quality meat and cook them over a grill (not fried). Fries and Onion rings are excellent as are the shakes. Enjoy!

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