Martha’s Loco Moco – Perfect Delicious Late Night Post Party Snack….

Martha’s Loco Moco – Perfect delicious late night post party snack….

hawaiian loco moco spam

At my friend Martha’s party. It’s nearly 4AM (check out the microwave clock in the photo above!) Mostly the drunk brunch crew is still present. No playstation hawaiian loco moco spamkaraoke cds this time, but still a solid 6 hours of good partying thus far. (Excluding me cause I got stuck on a retarded N train and didn’t get in till about midnight.) Time to leave? Hell no, it’s time for LOCO MOCO YO!!! That’s right. Nothing like a late night Hawaiian snack being made in the middle of a party. Oh did I also mention it contains SPAM? That’s key my friend. Anyhow many of the drunk brunch crew were surfers in Hawaii in a previous life and this explains how this culinary gem washed up on the shores of Park Slope Brooklyn.

hawaiian loco moco spam Loco Moco Recipe (adapted) – makes 5-7 servings
2 cans of SPAM (you can use hamburger meat, but then you’re a wuss)
1 can of Heinz meat sauce gravy
4-5 cups white rice
5-7 slices of toast (multigrain is nice)
4-5 eggs
Several tablespoons of paprika or as Martha likes Old Bay Spice

Fire up the rice cooker. Slice the Spam and fry on both sides. (Or if you are lazy, just toss the spam into the rice cooker and let it cook within.) Scramble the eggs with the Old Bay / paprika and fry. Toast the bread. Heat the meatsauce. Assemble your Loco Moco: Toast, rice, spam, eggs, sauce. Eat.

4 thoughts on “Martha’s Loco Moco – Perfect Delicious Late Night Post Party Snack….”

  1. yeah, spam!!!!

    you should have a post about all the things you can put old bay in. it’s the nectar of the gods. well, at least everyone from maryland thinks so!

  2. We’re having loco moco tonight, for da mainland friends. 60th anniversary of the locomoco. I’m gonna have to blog this myself… And having been born in Maryland, I know old bay. I feel a little fusion coming on…

  3. spam ain’t in loco moco — it uses hamburger patties…not every hawaiian dish contains spam. It’s not key in loco moco anymore than poi.

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