Fake’n Dunkin Donuts = Dunkin Cafe & Bakery Harlem

"fake dunkin' donuts shop" "dukin cafe harlem"

Fake’n Dunkin Donuts = Dunkin Cafe & Bakery Harlem

E 110 @ Lexington Ave
6 Train Subway

You really have to love the way good old American capitalism works. On the corner of 110 and Lexington used to be a very busy and successful Dunkin Donuts franchise. It closed for about 2 weeks and in its place was an imitation rip off named Dunkin Cafe & Coffee. Dunkin Cafe’s logo uses the same font face and color as the original Dunkin Donuts. This so reminds me of the fake McDonald’s and Starbucks out "fake dunkin' donuts shop" "dukin cafe harlem" in China. Those fake McDonalds and Starbucks had everything from the food and drinks down to the uniforms and seating completely ripped off. Similarly, inside of the ‘Dunkin Cafe’ you find the same layout, colors and menu as you would at a real Dunkin Donuts. I tried a donut and a bagel and it didn’t taste much different. The cups however don’t have the original Dunkin Donuts logo. The menus on the wall are currently just lo-tech printed paper menus affixed by scotch tape. (But I’m sure authentic looking signs are on order). In a world of cardboard filled dumplings fake dvds, fake handbags, fake watches, I suppose NY is ready for fake Dunkin Donuts. Yes, the prices here are slightly cheaper too. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Fake’n Dunkin Donuts = Dunkin Cafe & Bakery Harlem”

  1. I was talking to the owner of the place. He tried for a Dunkin’s franchise – but it turns out you need to own five other stores before opening up one in the City…or something to that affect.

    I thought their re-use of all the DD goods was pretty creative (and clever). The coffee tastes like shit though. Its much better at Savoy baker around the corner.

  2. You doumb shits thats dunkin new image its called a remodel assholes!Do you think a billion $$$ company would let some dickhead copy them in thier location! they would sue their balls off i know i was a franchiseee..you are so stupid!

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