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Japanese Snacks Candy Part II – Plate Of The Day
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Japanese Snacks Candy Part II

March 10, 2006
Japanese Snacks Candies Part II

Japanese Snacks Candies
Someone please translate these Japanese Candy and Snacks???

We ate a couple more of the Japanese snacks we bought from Jas mart a few days ago. This time we had one that was also very light and puffy on the inside and had a very thin coat of chocolate. From the outside it looked like a kit kat but after breaking apart, you’ll see in the cross section photo that it’s got a hollow center. Kind of like the corn potato Japanese snack we ate the other day. Japanese Snacks CandyOverall I like this one a lot better than the corn one. It still has a little savory spice but the chocolate kind of evens it out.

japanese snacks candyThis one says in Chinese “Bing Tai Han” which roughly means Mr Candy. Maybe a more macho type of dude in fact – (Think Hulk Hogan and Slim Jim.) Anyways after we opened the bag it was a bunch of little sissy corn puffs with one peanut. japanese snacks candyIs the peanut a mistake or do they just kind of skimp out on peanuts? Anyhow each piece is about the size of a Captain Crunch but the taste is almost identical to corn chips. Once again a fluffy airy consistency but this time with the taste of corn chips. We liked this one too – it’s something totally unexpected. Hopefully someone can translate these and give us some background on the Japanese Candy and Snacks.

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  • Reply spex March 18, 2006 at 11:40 pm

    The first one is umai-bou(means the delicious stick). He says “It’s light and tasty. Give me one more!”. Check http://www.yaokin.com/english/
    The next one is mochi-tarou. Mochi means the rice cake and tarou does the name of a man. I think it is parody of old tales like momo-tarou and urashima-tarou. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arare

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