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September 7, 2013
California Walnuts Media Cooking Event

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Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Recently did a cooking event for one of our clients, orlistat 120mg $138.00 California Walnuts. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 It was hosted at the Wenyi cooking studio here in Beijing. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 We had about 20-30 media for the event. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 It started with an overview of walnuts from the spokesperson then it was the interactive session in the test kitchen. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 We made about 3 recipes, orlistat 120mg $138.00 all with some Chinese twist. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 My favorite is the spicy coconut walnut recipe shown above.

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Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Sweet and Spicy Coconut Walnut Recipeļ¼š

Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Ingredients:
200 g of California walnuts
100 ml of water
100 g of shredded coconut
100 g of white sugar
5 g salt
30 g black pepper sauce
10 g red pepper ground
10 g Sichuan ground peppers

Orlistat 120mg $138.00 In a pan, orlistat 120mg $138.00 combine water and sugar and let dissolve and place over medium heat. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 add in the black pepper sauce and the walnuts. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Stir for several minutes then add in the red pepper and Sichuan peppers. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Still till walnuts are slightly toasted. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Add in the shredded coconuts and immediately take off the heat. Orlistat 120mg $138.00 Serve on a plate and enjoy!

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