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June 25, 2012

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 I just got a copy of the Moon Travel Guide in Beijing and Shanghai recently.  There’s so much to explore in China in terms of food at so many different levels and regional cuisines and this book will definitely be a great starting point. 

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 For those living in Beijing, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 I’m giving away a copy of the book.  Please post comments on your favorite places to eat in Beijing or Shanghai and I’ll select a random user hand deliver it to you!

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Here’s an exerpt from the publisher about the book:

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Moon Travel Guide Author Offers Tips on Tastes of Beijing & Shanghai

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Start planning a foodie’s dream vacation. Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 In Moon Beijing & Shanghai, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 author Susie Gordon delves into the cuisines of Beijing & Shanghai and offers her tips on where to find the best of the best, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 whether it’s insanely spicy Hunanese food or a gourmet take on tastes of the West. Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 To help the epicurean traveler navigate these two Chinese cities, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 here are her tips and recommendations for the best foodie destinations:

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00  

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 BEIJING

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Beijing Duck

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 This famous dish, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 also known as Peking duck, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 is a vacation requirement-you can’t leave Beijing without trying it at least once!

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 • Go local at Li Qun, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 the restaurant with arguably the tastiest roast ducks in the capital.
Da Dong serves Beijing’s leanest ducks in sophisticated surroundings.
• It’s a hotel restaurant, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 but Fat Duck sacrifices nothing when it comes to the taste and quality of its Beijing duck.

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Beijing Cuisine

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Dumplings and steamed buns are famous Beijing-style snacks that can be a good lunch or light dinner.
• Try some traditional Beijing dumplings Shun Yi Fu, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 where fillings range from vegetables to shrimp and donkey.
• Grab a steamer of baozi at Goubuli Baozi, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 and fill up on the delicious fluffy, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 pork-filled steamed buns for dinner.

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Spicy Regional Fare

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 • The spicy, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Turkish-influenced flavors of the Xinjiang region highlight dishes like lamb, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 flatbread, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 and homemade yogurt at Crescent Moon.
• Sour and spicy Guizhou cuisine is little known outside of China, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 so Three Guizhou Men is the ideal place to try it. Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 The steamed ribs with pickled greens or sour fish soup are both sure to please your taste buds.
Dali Courtyard is the perfect place to sample Yunnanese food like fried mint leaves and wild mushrooms.

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 SHANGHAI

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Shanghainese

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Shanghai’s specialties are legion, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 but while you’re in town, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 be sure to awe your taste buds by trying xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and some of the local seafood, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 particularly hairy crab.
• Sample xiaolongbao at popular Nanxiang Mantou in the Old City.
• Locally sourced crab, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 river fish, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 and eel are menu highlights at Lü Bo Lang inside the Yu Garden.
• If you’re in town in the fall, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 be sure to try the hairy crab at Wang Bao He, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 the city’s oldest crab restaurant.

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Yunnanese

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Yunnanese food is greatly influenced by the region’s proximity to Laos, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Thailand, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 and Myanmar. Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Curry, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 potatoes, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 and pork are common ingredients.
• The food of Yunnan Province goes gourmet at chic Lost Heaven, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 where the Dai-style chicken is a sure bet.
• Regional Yunnan specialities like marinated pork and buckwheat cakes are served at the rustic Legend Taste.
• At Southern Barbarian, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 there’s no topping the fried goat cheese, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 potato pancakes, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 or barbeque skewers.

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 Spicy Regional Fare
• Test your taste buds with some seriously fiery Hunanese food at Hunan Xiangcun Fengwei. Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 You can’t go wrong with the smoked pork or sizzling beef.
• Eat spice-filled Sichuan fare like authentic kung pao chicken or the intimidatingly named numbing spicy tofu at Sichuan Citizen.
• Try traditional dry pot cooking from China’s southern Guizhou provi

Protonix 40mg pills $146.00 For more information on Moon Beijing & Shanghai, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 or for more detailed travel tips, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 maps and advice on travel to Beijing & Shanghai, protonix 40mg pills $146.00 visit the Moon Travel Guides website.

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    Dear Simon, I live in Beijing and quite foodie too.
    After havebeen living here for 1/2 year, I like Baoyuan Jiaozi (near Liangmaqiao) and Dadong Beijing duck.
    I hope that I am the first one who leave the comment to this post, am I??
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