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Jian bing 煎饼 Food Cart Beijing

December 8, 2011
Jian bing 煎饼 food cart beijing

Jian bing 煎饼 food cart beijing

While food trucks are not allowed in Beijing there are plenty of food carts. One of the more popular types is the jian bing 煎饼 (a crepe with and egg, coriander, green onion, spicy paste and a crispy fried dough) carts.

I found this one near the chao yang men subway stop. With a double burner, they can crank out the jianbing twice as fast. Also the crepes are much larger than usual and they throw in some lettuce as well. Check it out – most days of the week except for sunday.

Jian bing 煎饼 food cart beijing

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