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Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe – Plate Of The Day
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Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe

January 13, 2011
Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe

Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe
Here’s a hearty meal that will pair nicely with any of the 3 German Hardcore Liquors I recently blogged about. Sorry Vegans. Sorry Vegetarians. (Maybe you don’t want to scroll down and see the photos below). Ok venison is pretty easy to get these days, but fresh deer liver is probably a little more of a stretch.

So while I was out in Germany in December I was fortunate that my girlfriend’s step father had a great hunting week and shot two deer and a one wild boar. Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe He says the deer liver has a lot of vitamin D and is great for the long dark winter months when sunlight is scarce (the human body produces vitamin D when exposed to rays of ultraviolet B). When cooked thoroughly, liver develops the taste of a meaty steak although with a grainy texture. I’ve had plenty of venison but never deer liver, but figured I would try it and blog it all for you all. Besides, Robert Di Nero and Christopher Walken were awesome in the 1978 classic The Deer Hunter. Fresh Deer Liver, Onions, and Mash RecipeDeer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe Ingredients: Deer Liver, potatoes, onions, butter, flour, apple sauce (optional). Salt and Pepper. Fill a large pot about ¾ with water and bring to a boil on the stovetop at high temp. Add peeled potatoes. Meanwhile take the fresh liver and slice it thinly about ½ inch in thickness and sprinkle both sides with fresh sea salt and pepper. Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe Set aside and slice the peeled onions and fry over medium low heat with plenty of butter. Stir frequently but allow onions to carmelize then remove them from the frying pan but don’t clean the pan. Using a fork or tongs, coat each liver slice individually with flour. Add ample amounts of butter to the pan, turn up to medium high and fry the liver slices. Some blood will ooze out of the liver, but that’s normal. Fry for about 5 mins on each side till the consistency is solid like piece of steak (unless you like it mushy and bloody).

Deer Liver, Onions and Mash Recipe

Remove from pan. Take the potatoes and mash, add in butter, salt and milk. With the remaining butter in the frying pan from the deer liver, slowly add a mixture of water and flour to thicken. You can add wine or bourbon to richen the sauce. Serve and enjoy!


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