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Dragon Land Chinese Bakery New York – Plate Of The Day

Dragon Land Chinese Bakery New York

May 29, 2005

Dragon Land Chinese Bakery New York

Dragon Land Bakery

125 Walker Street

Just on the corner of Walker and Baxter is Dragon Land Bakery (very close to the 6 / N / R Canal Street subway stop). This is an interesting Chinese bakery and they really try to be upscale about it. When you enter there is a wall of traditional Chinese pastries including buttered breads, muffins, egg custards, etc. Dragon Land BakeryDragon Land Chinese Bakery New York also has some interesting serving girls that help you place the pastries into a wax paper bag. I’ve seen this in Beijing and Hong Kong – I don’t know if this is to prevent shoplifting, for sanitary reasons, or they are just trying to be upscale. It’s kind of annoying sometimes though because they get in the way and harass you if you are simply just browsing.

Dragon Land Bakery
is also a popular hangout for young kids who want to splurge on some milk pearl boba bubble tea. They have a wide selection here . We got a Blueberry Mousse Cake / Cup
Dragon Land Chinese Bakery New York
It was served in a very cool cup but unfortunately it wasn’t too good. The mousse was not very smooth and the blueberry had a very artificial taste to it.

One very interesting thing I noticed was Dragon Land Bakery’s strict policy on loose change. If you’re one of those types of people who like to unload their pennies on a vendor, you can forget about it here.

Dragon Land Chinese Bakery New York

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  • Reply rose September 11, 2007 at 7:54 am

    i have very bad experience with the service. one time i decided to alter the items; they wouldn’t take it even though you haven’t left the place; and you haven’t handed them the money. i was so upset i left and vowed never to deal with that particular waiter or the store at all! it was the rudest experience i ever encountered with a store attendant!! in overall it is a nice bakery; but there’s always somewhere in the other corner where service and money is worth spent.

  • Reply Ashley January 14, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Their sweet pork buns are the best i’ve had and some of their pastries are really good too. The service to me is also very good, although if the waitresses aren’t there it can get a little confusing because the labels on the food aren’t very clear. Besides that everything’s really good.

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