Hipster Heartschallenger Candy ‘food’ Truck Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Hipster Heartschallenger Candy ‘food’ Truck Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

heartschallenger 'food' candy truck

Spotted on Bedford Ave @ N 3rd

Here’s a story of a brother and sister buying an old ice cream truck in LA, hipsterizing it, and moving out East to NY. They don’t sell any prepared food, which I believe is a clever way around the highly competitive and underground mobile food vendor licensing laws in NY. They sell candy!

I was kind of in a rush but I quickly spotted a pack of those fake candy cigarettes and bought one. Unfortunately they weren’t the ones that produce the fake smoke out of powdered sugar. Had fun later that afternoon anyhow with my friends at 1 2 3 Burger Shot Beer. Hey what’s a better way to enjoy the Zippo iPhone App than with fake candy cigs inside of a NY Bar?!!!!

fake candy cigs

You can of course find HeartsChallenger candy food truck via Twitter : http://twitter.com/hrtschallenger
They are usually in NOLITA spring and mulberry daily 1-6pm. Enjoy the smokes! (They’re SWEET!!)